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About Us


At the age of 13, Johnathon Bush started Not Just Cookies. As a young entrepreneur and passionate baker, Not Just Cookies focused on providing delicious, quality baked goods the right way. This spirit of “baking hustle” carries on today and is what makes Not Just Cookies a different kind of bakery. Starting with natural ingredients and using traditional baking stones, our focus on quality is baked into everything we make.

We invite you to come by, say hello and enjoy a cookie. You’ve earned it.

Check out our article in the Chicago Tribune and our store on CBS-Chicago.

Our Story & Founder

Johnathon Bush is an award winning entrepreneur and started his company, Not Just Cookies, 12 years ago when he was 13, in his mom's kitchen as a result of his passion for business and love for desserts. 

Johnathon Bush started Not Just Cookies by sending 20 letters to family and friends  informing them he was starting a cookie business. By using all natural ingredients and baking stones to create the best product for his customers, both family and friends loved the cookies, and his business spread by word of mouth.

Johnathon moved his business from Toledo, OH (home town) to Chicago five years ago  to expand the business. NJC participated in the area farmer's markets and added additional markets and customers each year. Wholesale has been the focus, supplying cookies to businesses and organizations. Not Just Cookies has two downtown retail locations, serves customers nationally and supplies businesses, restaurants and cafes locally. 

Johnathon has served on the African American Initiative United Way Joint Council (in Toledo), Book 4 buddies (board member) and TSTM Advisory Board at the Quad County Urban League. Johnathon and NJC won many awards including; The Youth Walk of Fame, Food Product Development Contest, the NAACP ACT-SO Award in Los Angeles, CA, and an award finalist in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards in NYC at the New York Stock Exchange. 

Johnathon was also one of 20 U.S. Delegates to participate in the G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit (G20 YES) IN THE 2012 summer in Mexico City Mexico. The G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit Mexico is a gathering of young entrepreneurs (age 18 – 40) and entrepreneurship-focused organizations from the G20 countries. Over 400 Young entrepreneurs from all G20 countries, gathered in Mexico City to provide valuable input to government leaders to assist in driving sustainable global economic growth, exchange ideas and to foster international partnerships and collaboration. 

Johnathon has a strong passion for entrepreneurship and business and loves to encourage and foster youth entrepreneurship within our communities.